The Philosophy


The love for this country not only comes from its inhabitants but from people all over the world who visit Greece and its islands for the first time and fall in love with everything that comes with it. This love affair is meant to last for a lifetime.


Despite the economic struggles, Greece is still one of the richest countries in the world. What this country has to offer cannot be found anywhere else on this planet, its beauty is of immeasurable value. The beaches with its crystal clear water, the culture with its history and its people, the atmosphere where the locals know how to enjoy life and welcome anyone with an open heart and a smile on their face. This romancing over your Greek island can go on forever while you are infecting those around you with the sparkles in your eyes.


 We create a beautiful and simple piece of jewellery, a souvenir you take with you to your "second home" wherever it may be, after a magical summer on your island.

A souvenir you connect with all of those loving memories of the island of your heart.


The idea to combine the jewellery with a charity foundation arose from the problems the greek economy is facing since the beginning of the crisis. Especially the municipalities of the smaller islands and their abilities to move towards a more sustainable future are limited.


 For these reasons the path of sustainability and a better future sometimes needs to be built with different stones and our own hands - where small changes can make a big difference.


Greek islands cannot survive without tourism. Tourism cannot survive if we don't make steps forward, change things for the better.


The goal is to take responsibility and create something together by using a different approach. If we succeed the love of your island will be mutual.